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Happy National Veterinary Technician Week! These amazing veterinary health professionals perform many tasks when your pet comes in for care. We at Chathams Small Animal Hospital want to share this glimpse into what vet techs do.

Veterinary technicians perform diagnostic testing

While our veterinarians order any diagnostic testing, our highly trained vet techs have the skills and know-how to carry out a plethora of these tests, whether it’s measuring a pet for X-rays, setting up a fecal float, or searching for bacteria or crystals in a urine sample. Without rapid, accurate results, your pet’s diagnosis and treatment plan would be delayed, but our vet techs are so well-versed in using our in-house diagnostic equipment that they can get answers quickly. 

Veterinary technicians provide nursing care

Our veterinary technicians are devoted to ensuring their patients remain comfortable, clean, and pain-free while under our care. If your pet is sick and needs to be hospitalized, our vet techs will place an intravenous (IV) catheter, calculate drug dosages, administer medications, coax your pet into eating, and notify our veterinarians of any changes that need addressing. For pets who require surgery, our vet techs will create an anesthetic protocol, perform pre-anesthetic testing, induce anesthesia, monitor your pet’s vital signs, and recover your furry pal after surgery, paying close attention to their pain and comfort levels.

Veterinary technicians educate pet owners

Sometimes medical terminology, and knowing which parasite prevention protects your pet against which parasite can be confusing. Our veterinary technicians often bridge the communication gap between veterinarians and pet owners, interpreting and clarifying the medical terms, demonstrating medication administration, explaining the ins and outs of heartworm prevention, and being your pet’s biggest health care advocate. 

You can be assured that every member of our team is passionate about caring for your pet. Request an appointment