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Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month!
Your pet’s bad breath may be more than just “dog breath.” Often, mouth odor can be indicative of a problem much more significant than simple halitosis. Dental disease and infection is a prevalent problem in our pets.

Did you know your pet accumulates plaque and develops dental calculus 5 times faster than people? Most dogs and cats show signs of gingival disease and periodontal disease which causes pain and his or her bloodstream is showered with bacteria from the mouth – potentially causing problems with the heart, kidney, and liver.

Save 20% on dental cleanings!
To celebrate Dental Health Month, Chathams Small Animal Hospital is offering a 20% discount on dental cleanings From February 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019.

This discount does not include additional bloodwork, anesthesia, or major extractions.

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